How To Teach A 2 Year Old To Program

Published by David Martelli on

Sometimes, It’s the simple concepts that mean the most…

In programming for instance, often we can get caught up in the idea of complex commands and what language is the most popular. When first learning however, I find it more important to focus on the concepts that stand behind all of this complicated functionality. This goes especially true when we are teaching a kid how to program.

When you think about it, coding is really about getting a machine to do what we ask it to do. Even better if in a fairly predictable and repeatable way. If we look at it from this angle, learning to code can be taught as a mindset and strategy that even a two year old should be able to handle. This is where this blog (and video) comes in.

In this video, I want to discuss a few concepts of what I think is most important when starting to learn the mindset of a coder. We’ll also cover some tips on how to teach our young students how to get started in the right track. No complex syntax, no long typed out commands, just simple logic and an opportunity to work on debugging.

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